What would it be like to have your dreams come true? How would it feel to have every desired fulfilled?
These questions always lived in my mind as a child. Growing up on section 8 and welfare left me wanting more out of life at a young age.
In my early twenties I made it my mission to “make it.” To become a successful entrepreneur and fulfill my dreams of being a business owner.
I bought my first business at the age of 23. A nightclub in Seattle, WA. Then I bought a restaurant and launched my own Vodka brand.
At the age of 24 I had all the money and attention I could ask for yet I was left empty inside. I didn’t have a purpose just material success I thought would make me complete.
I turned to partying, drinking and women. Filling up the void with anything I could. Eventually I lost everything, I destroyed my external life because I was destroyed on the inside.
At the bottom of it all, jobless, penniless and nearly homeless, I turned inward. I went into meditation and asked myself a series of questions. Late one evening in January of 2012 while deep in meditation I was awakened. In a single moment I connected to the oneness that underlies everything in existence. I was left with a feeling of complete and utter unconditional love for all of life. I finally found all the love, fulfillment and meaning I had been searching for all those years ago.
I’ve spent every moment since then staying connected to that source and living in alignment with this moment.
After years of inward reflection through deep meditation I’ve decided to bring my experience to the world. To share what has brought true meaning, joy and purpose to my life.
My book, The Human Experience, is filled with the realizations that have helped shape the beautiful life I now experience.
After being asked by the many friends, family and amazing people I’ve had the joy of having as clients about how I live the way I do, with purpose in each day, unlimited personal power coming from within and have elevated my external life beyond what most have a chance to live, I decided to track my journey and share it with those who want true transformation.
During that process the Life 2.0 System was born.
Transforming others from a life of scarcity, a world of duality, living in fear, lack, feelings of insecurity, anger, guilt and shame, struggling with financial hardship, competition and survival drives or what I’ve termed Life 1.0 to Life 2.0. A place of abundance, financial freedom, wholeness, exponential growth, unconditional love, collaboration and the ability to live and create from this beautiful present moment.
For more information on the Life 2.0 System or to be book Corey for Speaking, Coaching or Consulting please feel free to contact him.”