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True growth comes from moments of self-realization. These peak experiences shatter the confines of our minds and extend us further than our perception previously allowed.

Do you feel stuck in your own life and career? Are you just going through the motions and calling it ‘making a living’? Do you need more purpose in your entrepreneurial endeavors?

The book said to me understanding and gives me a little more meaningful way of life. I understand that we cannot guess the reason why we are surviving and living. This book is actually read slowly without leaving the choice to you, read a number of much back and go really deep inside you will be logged in a way that questions yourself. The author would like to share a story about this book that his path and the realization of their lives. This book has already achieved the target and repeat the point that I need to focus your mind on that idea to life will hear from motivational speaker and many other books.


This book is written in such a way that it actually doesn’t leave you a choice but to read it slowly, make multiple re-reads of many parts and to really go deep inside you and question yourself. What I like about this book is that the author shares his life story and his path to enlightenment. It is not written just for the sake of having a book written, it is a true story with a deep meaning. He talks about his experience of enlightenment. Well, I experienced it couple of years ago, but it has never returned. Since then I am trying to get it back. I think this book is what I was looking for to help me experience it once again and to never ever let it go.

S. Green

I returned to this book in the wake of perusing much about the Law of Attraction and most profound sense of being. It fortifies the significance of adjusting the brain, body and soul! There is an extremely positive message here and I would prescribe this book to anybody hoping to better their own lives.

Robert Moor